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Our Mission Statement and History

The Hyperion Shakespeare Company is dedicated to the performance and practice of Elizabethan drama. Through performances, workshops, and other events, we aim to increase the presence of Shakespearean theater at Harvard outside of the academic realm, as well as perform the entire range of Shakespeare’s work. We strive to make Shakespeare exciting, relevant, and accessible to a wide and diverse audience. By interacting and collaborating with local theater professionals, the creative community as a whole, and Shakespearean academia, we work to increase the level of our artistry as well as create interdisciplinary works of art. Above all, our goal is provide both our members and our audiences with incredible theatrical experiences.

The Hyperion Shakespeare Company was founded in December 1995. Its debut production, Much Ado About Nothing, was performed during Arts First Weekend, April 1996, in Harvard Yard and Old Radcliffe Yard for over 1500 spectators. John Lithgow ’67, Emmy-Award winning actor and Artistic Chair of Arts First, described it as “the finest Shakespearean acting seen at Harvard since Tommy Lee Jones was here.”

 HSC has since put on productions of

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream,

  • Hamlet,

  • Macbeth,

  • Twelfth Night,

  • Romeo and Juliet,

  • Henry V,

  • Richard II,

  • Pericles,

  • The Spanish Tragedy,

  • Antony and Cleopatra,

  • Measure for Measure,

  • Othello,

  • Titus Andronicus, and

  • Julius Caesar.

Revitalized in 2006, HSC currently produces scene recitals and a full-length show each semester.