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2018-2019 Bench
[Top Row]: Abraham Joyner-Meyers (Historian), Trevor Levin (Bench Member-at-large), Nick Hornedo (Master of Revels), Johnathan Creed (Co-Scene Recital Czar)
[Second Row]: Lindsay McAuliffe (Member-at-large), Jamie Ostmann (Member-at-large), Judy Durkin (Member-at-large), Claire Rivkin (Co-Scene Recital Czar), Ned Sanger (Treasurer). 
[Bottom Row]: Janani Krishnan-Jha (Member-at-large), Sabrina Yates (Member-at-large), Anna Schuliger (President)
Not photographed here: Marvin Merritt (Member-at-large), Audrey Thorne (Mistress of Revels), Kier Zimmerman (Inactive)

What is the bench?                                         How can I join?

The Bench is Hyperion's governing body. We plans campus-wide events, produce Scene Recitals, and serve as a resource to each full Shakespeare show’s production staff.

Anyone who has worked on a Hyperion Shakespeare Company show is eligible to apply to become a member of the bench. Applications will be posted in April.

  Who is on the Bench?                                       


Anna Schuliger '20


Edward Sanger '19


Abraham Joyner-Meyers '21

Scene Recital Chairs

Johnathan Creed '19

Claire Rivkin '19

Masters of Revels

Nicolas Hornedo '19

Bench Members At-Large

Lindsay McAuliffe '20

Sabrina Yates '19

Marvin Merritt '20

Trevor Levin '19

Janani Krishnan-Jha '20

Jamie Ostmann '21

Judy Durkin '22

Inactive Bench Members

Gabriella Lombardo '20

​Bridget Keegan '19

Kier Zimmerman '19/'20

Audrey Thorne '19

  Who was on the Bench?                                       

Spring 2018

President - Nathaniel Brodsky

Vice President - Lindsay McAuliffe

Treasurer - Ned Sanger

Historian - Bridget Keegan

Scene Recital Chair - Gabriella Lombardo

Masters of Revels - Nicolas Hornedo and Sabrina Yates

Bench Members At-Large - Marvin Merritt, Anna Schuliger, Audrey Thorne

Inactive Bench Members - Johnathan Creed, Claire Rivkin, Kier Zimmerman

Fall 2017

Presidents - Kier Zimmerman/Claire Rivkin

Vice President - Lindsay "Cool Beans" McAuliffe

Treasurer - Edward R. V. Sanger IV, Esq.

Historian - Claire Rivkin/Bridget "The Best" Keegan

Scene Recital Co-Chair - Johnathan Creed

Scene Recital Co-Chair - Gabriella Lombardo

Co-Master of Revels - Nicolas Hornedo

Co-Master of Revels - Lady Sabrina Yates

Fall 2016-Spring 2017

President - Mia Vitale

Vice President - Kier Zimmerman

Treasurer - Claire Rivkin

Historian - Sabrina Yates

Scene Recital Co-Chair - Nathaniel Brodsky

Scene Recital Co-Chair - Edward Sanger

Master of Revels - Nick Wood

Bench Members At-Large - Johnathan Creed, Bridget Keegan,             Nicolas Hornedo

Inactive Bench Members - P.J. LeBlanc, Jamie Herring, Daniel Levine

Fall 2015-Spring 2016

President - Mikhaila Fogel

Vice President - Mia Vitale

Treasurer - Alice Berenson

Historian - Bethany Donovan

Scene Recital Director - Nathaniel Brodsky

Master of Revels - Emily Zoffer

Webmaster - Daniel Levine

Bench Members At-Large - Jamie Herring, Mitchell Polonsky, Johnathan Creed, Bridget Keegan, Nicolas Hornedo, P.J. Le Blanc, Ned Sanger, Sabrina Yates, Claire Rivkin, Kier Zimmerman