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ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose


1) The name of this organization shall be Hyperion Shakespeare Company, hereinafter referred to as Hyperion.


2) The purpose of Hyperion shall be to promote the production and performance of Shakespeare’s works by supporting at least one full production and one scene recital per semester.  


3) Hyperion will work to foster an inclusive community around the appreciation of Shakespeare and the arts.


ARTICLE II – Membership


1) Any individual who has participated in a Hyperion production or activity shall be considered a member of Hyperion Shakespeare Company.


2) A member of Hyperion shall be added to the Hyperion email list and informed of all Hyperion productions, activities, and organization-wide social events.


3) The email list shall be updated at the beginning of each semester and each time a new email list is created through a Hyperion production or activity. This list shall be kept on file by the Webmaster.


4) Within Hyperion there is the Hyperion Bench, the governing body responsible for the administration and leadership of the organization. It is the responsibility of the Hyperion Bench to alert new members of the Company of their membership status and privileges.


ARTICLE III – The Hyperion Bench


1) The Bench is responsible for selecting each semester’s production, to be decided from solicited and submitted applications. The Bench will support the production’s director in assembling a staff and an application for performance space. Bench members will take on any available staff positions when possible or necessary. Each bench member shall attend load-in and strike for and assist in publicizing all main semesterly productions. Exemptions may be made at the President's discretion.


2) At any time the Bench must have between 10 and 15 members, hereinafter referred to as “Benchies”. Applications for Bench membership shall be solicited in March or April. The Bench will accept the appropriate number of members whom they feel will positively contribute to the administrative capacity of the Bench.


3) The Hyperion Bench shall have the following officers: a President, a Vice President, a Social Chair (Master of Revels), a Historian, up to two Scene Recital Chairs, and a Webmaster.


4) The duties of the President shall be to:

a) Call and preside over all meetings of the Hyperion Bench

b) Represent Hyperion at all social and official functions

c) Make tie-breaking decisions

d) Present the current and incoming Bench with a report of the year’s activities and a list of recommendations for the future

e) Have all administrative and agenda-settings powers except those specifically delegated herein to others

f) Keep records of all business pertinent to the administration of Hyperion, and transfer those files to the new President when the incoming Bench assumes power


5) The duties of the Vice President shall be to:

           a) Support the President in all duties mentioned above

b) Record and maintain minutes for all Bench meetings

c) Work with the President to complete organizational requirements mandated by the College


6) The duties of the Social Chair (Master of Revels) shall be to:

           a) Plan at least two events per semester open to the entire Hyperion community

           b) Plan Winter Feast for members of the Bench each year

c) Maintain all Hyperion traditions as passed down to them by the previous Master of Revels

           d) Make Hyperion an active, inclusive, safe, and fun social space.


7) The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

a) Propose and administer Hyperion budget

b) Prepare an annual financial statement of the previous academic year and the budget for the current year for review by Bench. That statement and budget will be submitted with Hyperion’s registration documents to the OSL at the beginning of the academic year

c) Approve the budgets of all productions and aid producers in applying for grants and other financial matters

d) Apply for any grants Hyperion as an organization may need (Bench retreat, Scene Recital, etc.)

e) Collect and manage the John Falstaff Revelry Fund and other funds necessary for Bench events


8) The duties of the Historian shall be to:

a) Document and maintain the history of Hyperion

b) Manage alumni relations and maintain an alumni directory

c) Document each Hyperion event directly by means of photographs, obtaining programs and poster, past OFA and HRDC space applications, scripts, etc. for both Hyperion records and those to be preserved at the Harvard Theatre Collection, HRDC, and/or OFA.

e) Work closely with all persons to make sure that information is not lost that may be valuable to the future members of Hyperion by updating and maintaining the Google Drive folders and printed materials in the SOCH

9) The Duties of the Scene Recital Chair(s) shall be:

a) To divide up the following responsibilities between the Scene Recital Chairs and/or to recruit people to whom tasks shall be delegated and oversee said delegation

b) To find and propose to the Hyperion Bench any additional directors they wish to work with, who may be from outside the Bench

c) To work with the Bench to select a theme, and to select and edit the Scenes for the Recital

d) To hold auditions with the help of directors and staff members

e) To publicize Scene Recital auditions and performances

f) To ensure that all scenes are blocked, rehearsed, and memorized before tech week

h) To organize, schedule, and oversee tech week, including keeping track of actor conflicts and contact actors who are late or missing

i) To create and print programs for the Recital

j) To ensure the quality and cohesion of the production as well as the creation of a work environment that reflects Hyperion’s ideals of inclusivity, fun, creativity, and nurturing.

k) To solicit applications for directors.


10) The duties of the Webmaster shall be to:

a) Keep the Hyperion website up to date and functional, especially related to advertising Hyperion’s activities and productions

           b) Regularly check and report back on the Hyperion email account

           c) Work with the Historian to upload and maintain databases of all Hyperion

photos, programs, and institutional information          


11) The term for officers shall be one year. Election of officers shall be held annually in April. The procedure for elections is as follows:

a) The outgoing Historian shall preside over elections for all positions except those for which the Historian is running. In that case, the newly-elected or outgoing President shall preside.

b) The Elections shall be held in the following order: President, Vice President,

Master of Revels, Treasurer, Historian, two Scene Recital chairs, and Webmaster.

c) All candidates for President must submit statements to the Bench one week

before elections are held. Candidates for other positions may submit statements if they wish.

d) For all positions other than President, candidates may self-nominate or be

nominated by others during election proceedings.

e) An affirmative majority vote by members of the Bench shall be required to elect officers of Hyperion.

f) At the end of their tenure, each officer will be required to write transition memos for the next class of officers.


12) When resignation, impeachment, unsatisfactory academic standing or other circumstances disqualify an officer before the natural expiration of the term of their office, the Bench shall determine the procedure for replacement of the officer.


13) Those Bench members who do not hold officer positions shall accept responsibilities in one of the following ‘committees’: Social, Historical, or Special Projects. The purpose of these committees shall be to streamline creation and implementation of Hyperion activities. Innovation, publicity, and implementation of events within each committee’s purview shall primarily be the responsibility of each committee.

a) The Social Committee will consist of the Master of Revels and non-officer

Benchies who shall assist and support the Master of Revels in all of their responsibilities.

b) The Historical Committee shall consist of the Historian and non-officers

Benchies who shall assist and support the Historian in all of their responsibilities

c) The Special Projects Committee shall consist of non-Officer Benchies. This

committee will assist the President in organizing and implementing events related to the appreciation and proliferation of Shakespeare on campus.

i) All Bench members are required to assist Special Projects as mandated semesterly at the discretion of the President.

d) Any event conceived of within a committee must be approved by the Bench at-large through majority vote.

e) All Benchies are encouraged to contribute ideas and thoughts related to any committee regardless of that Benchie’s specified position.


14) All committees and Benchies are encouraged to solicit participation from Hyperion members whenever possible.


15) Bench members who wish to withdraw from their Bench responsibilities are required to notify the President. In the following circumstances: study abroad, leave of absence, and medical difficulties, Benchies shall be permitted to return to the Bench upon notification of the President. In all other circumstances, those who decide to leave the Bench for a period of time must reapply when they wish to resume their duties.

a) Regardless of circumstance, Bench officers who temporarily withdraw from the Bench may not automatically return to their position, and must stand for election the following April.


16) Any officer of Hyperion may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Bench.  


17) Any Hyperion Benchie may be removed from the Bench by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Bench.




1) It is the duty of the Bench to ensure that Hyperion has at least one faculty advisor every year. The Bench shall endeavor to use this advisor as a resource.



ARTICLE V- Bench Meetings


1) The Hyperion Bench shall hold regular weekly meetings.


2) The President, or someone appointed by President, shall preside and maintain order during meetings.


3) Only Bench Members and those invited by the President shall attend Hyperion meetings.


4) Ad hoc general Bench meetings and ad hoc committee meetings may be scheduled as necessary. The entire Bench shall be informed of the time and place of any ad hoc meetings to allow for maximum participation and transparency. The officer at each ad hoc meeting is responsible for informing the President and/or the Bench at large of the outcome of any ad hoc committee meetings.


5) Members may submit requests to attend a weekly or ad hoc Bench meeting, this shall be decided at the discretion of the President.


6) Constitutional matters and deliberations for the semesterly production shall be decided at meetings with a quorum (two-thirds) of Bench Members in attendance.


ARTICLE VI – Production


1) It is the responsibility of the Bench to collaborate with the staff of each production and to determine the level of involvement that the production teams requests or requires from the Bench. The Hyperion Bench shall assist the production team with its:

a) Application for performance space

b) Staff recruitment, with special attention paid to the recruitment of Hyperion


c) The casting process (as needed)


2) Bench members shall assume any necessary/unfilled staff position on the Hyperion production’s team.


3) Hyperion shows are not permitted to pre-cast or accept the ‘zero slot’ in any venue. This decreases access to auditions and runs counter to Hyperion’s Mission Statement.


4) Directors and Producers of Hyperion productions shall be encouraged to use the Hyperion Bench and the Hyperion Committee as a support system throughout the production process.


5) Directors and Producers of Hyperion productions shall be responsible for keeping the Hyperion Bench apprised of the production’s progress, and attending any required meetings.


6) Bench members planning to apply as core staff for a production in the same location with overlapping first-choice time slot as any semesterly production's application must disclose their commitment to the bench.


ARTICLE VII-Company Funding


1) The President in conjunction with the Treasurer shall ensure that Officer for the Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides requisite annual funding.  


2) The Special Projects Committee shall, with the help of the Bench-at-Large be required to hold at least one fundraiser per year.


3) The Historical and Social Committees shall be encouraged to fundraise.


ARTICLE VIII-Event Funding


1) Funding for Hyperion events shall be procured by the Treasurer in conjunction with particular Hyperion event staffs.


2) Contributions to the John Falstaff Revelry Fund shall:

 a) Be solicited at each Hyperion social event

 b) Be used for Hyperion-wide social events

 c) At Bench-only events, be solicited from Bench members.


3) Hyperion shall always strive to keep social events as low-cost as possible for members, and shall work to obtain as much organizational and outside funding as possible for social events.


ARTICLE IX-Amendments


1) Any proposed amendment to this constitution shall be introduced, discussed, and drafted at a Hyperion Bench. Final voting shall not be held until at least one week after the amendment’s initial proposal, following notification of Hyperion members.


2) Amendments must be ratified by two-thirds of the present and voting Bench.


ARTICLE X-Ratification


1) This constitution becomes effective immediately after it is ratified by a two-thirds majority of Bench members.

ARTICLE XI – Eligibility and Equal Opportunity


1) All Benchies shall be registered undergraduates in Harvard College.


2) Membership in this organization shall be open to all students in good standing currently enrolled in Harvard University, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

How badly do you want to procrastinate on that paper you should be writing? Read our entire constitution—you won't regret it.